✒️  Publications & Presentations

✒️  Publications & Presentations

Publications and presentations are not only personal accomplishments, but career-boosting activities that can help you gain points when applying for specialty training, jobs, or working towards appraisal and revalidation. Being able to find evidence of your achievements when you need them can help you advance your career, creating a positive spiral of success.

This section of your portfolio is where you should record your published:



If you have proof that you have presented your work at a conference or had it published in a medical journal, you may get extra points on future applications.

You should order this section by type (publication or presentation) and then fill them in reverse chronological order (most recent first).

  • If you completed a research dissertation as part of an undergraduate degree, you should keep a copy of it here.
  • If your work has been published in a medical journal, be sure to keep a record of the publication number and digital links to the article. If you have it, keep a physical copy of the journal in which your work was published.
  • If you presented your work at a conference, keep a copy of your presentation certificate here, and make a note of any awards or nominations your presentation received. You will also want to keep a copy of the awards and nominations in the section of your portfolio called Awards and Prizes.