Portfolio Companion, by Messly

Portfolio Companion, by Messly

Portfolio Companion

Guides, templates and tools to help you build and manage your portfolio ✨

Yes, we know, we've heard it a million times...medical portfolios are confusing, frustrating, stressful, time-consuming, immense and complex. However, whether you are in training or not, your medical portfolio is an essential tool in supporting your career development.

This is because your portfolio is an extension of you. As a professional you are always growing, developing, and improving so your portfolio should be doing the same.

Ideally, this would be a zero-admin job, but realistically it takes some work. Work that many doctors are reluctant to do. This results in lost opportunities, lost money, and lost time.

Which is why we have created the Portfolio Companion.

We’ve done the hard work for you by reading GMC regulations and appraisal guidance, exploring specialty application requirements and interview criteria, and speaking to staff banks and locum agencies to decide what you should include in your portfolio, and how to maintain it.


For years you may have been told exactly what is expected of you, and (somewhat) supported by your supervisors and peers to meet development and training requirements. But that guidance all ends once you step off the treadmill of training.

Our Portfolio Companion is designed to be your guide. It will help you create a robust and adaptable portfolio that is easy to maintain and truly represents you.

It will show you how your medical portfolio can be used for appraisal and revalidation in a straightforward, stress-free way that avoids all of the common mistakes other doctors make.

Using the menu to jump between sections, you will find:

👉  Common questions about medical portfolios and appraisals

👉  Top tips for building and maintaining a portfolio

👉  How to structure your portfolio with deep dives into each section

👉  Custom templates, guides and worked examples for you to use and adapt

We hope that you find this a useful resource.

The Messly Team 🙏

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